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Wine at Magpie Springs, Fine Art Gallery and Online Gift Shop

Magpie Springs Wine

Our Boutique Estate grown Wine is only available
onsite at Magpie Springs!

Sat - Sun 11 - 5  

Magpie Springs Wine List

Our wines vary from time to time as they are small batch and very boutique

Sparkling Pinot  - A delicate, elegant wine with a sweet start and refreshing finish, great for entertaining, anytime. Size750mL.

Sauvignon Blanc  - Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine grape variety light and refreshing, its unique in that its flavour sets it apart from most other white wine grape varieties. Sold out

Semillon/ Sauvignon Blanc - Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is best known for its fresh and crisp taste, and is commonly referred to in Australia as “Classic Dry White”. It’s best served chilled and is suitable for just about any occasion. Sold out

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay  Barrel Fermented Chardonnay - Traditionally made boutique wine - Barrel fermentation of Chardonnay results in a very different flavour profile of the wine compared to tank fermentation. The process of barrel fermentation allows the flavours contributed by the oak to be integrated into the wine resulting in a much softer, creamier wine. Aging in barrels gives the wine a vanilla tastiness, but the true integration of the oak. Sold out

Riesling  -If a dry Riesling is your scene this one is for you. This wine is made to last, sure to please. Until our red wines are ready  these 2 are for sale.

Cabernet Sauvignon - characters are blackcurrant / plum. A full-bodied red with fine yet firm tannins, it’s similar in weight to Merlot. This wine is made with McLaren vale grapes by our winemaker - Simon Parker own label Back Beat GSM  - a flavoursome favourite - fruity wine made with McLaren vale grapes by our winemaker - Simon Parker own label Back Beat

Semillon Botrytis 2014   -2014 - A sweet favourite ** - Rich and opulent with a refreshing citrus lift - the quintessence of botrytis Semillon. Citrus fruit marmalade flavours combine with apricot and hints of wild honey. The sweet/dessert wine, the grapes are harvested late to fully capture the intensity of sweetness and complex flavours.

Semillon Botrytis 2016  (the hot and sticky one) The Semillon citrus flavour comes through with this wine. It has exactly the same sugar content as its 2014 counterpart but it’s not sweet to taste. It has more of a kick at 14.5 alcohol content. 375ml.

Hot Tip - Someone called before he came - ordered a mixed doz. We had it ready for him when he came------->Call us now<--------

Join us in celebrating the beauty of wine, where passion and quality converge for an unforgettable journey in every glass.

08 8556 7351

1870 Brookman Rd,

Hope Forest SA 5172


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